All sessions are 50 minutes in length. EMDR or family sessions may be increased to 90 minutes, if appropriate.

While I am experienced in treating a wide variety of concerns, I primarily focus on the treatment of trauma and eating disorders, and the anxiety and fears borne out of them. When you call in, we’ll talk a little about what you’d like help with, and go from there to ensure we’re a good fit to get your therapeutic needs met!

  • Individual Adults

    • Individualized treatment plans that address your needs, wants, and goals

    • Interventions: EMDR, solution-focused, person-centered, CBT, DBT, existential, and more!

    • Issues Addressed: PTSD, anxiety, depression, eating disorders, trauma (adult- or childhood-onset), relationship concerns, boundaries, and more

  • Individual Adolescents/Teens

    • Individualized treatment plans that address the needs, wants, and goals of the teen, the parents, and the family as a whole

    • Periodic conjoint family sessions, if appropriate

    • Interventions: EMDR, solution-focused, person-centered, CBT, DBT, art interventions, therapeutic games, and more!

    • Issues Addressed: Trauma (past or current), PTSD, depression, anxiety, eating disorders, parent-child conflict, boundaries, and more

  • Family Therapy

    • Each member of the family has input on what they would like to work on in therapy

    • Treatment is conducted such that each member has their needs met and desires considered

    • "Breakout" sessions with just parents and just kids are held periodically; this ensures that each level of the family hierarchy has a safe place to express their frustrations and fears

    • Family patterns are addressed so that cycles may be broken

    • Issues Addressed: Communication, respect, discipline, boundaries, parental divorce, life transitions, and more

My Approach

My philosophy and treatment approach is anchored in research, science, compassion, authenticity, respect, and passion. I specialize in EMDR therapy and work from a trauma-focused lens. Regardless of whether you've experienced common or not-so-common trials in life, we can work to put those experiences and memories in the past so you don't have to carry them into the future. You're the ultimate expert on you. If you're ready to invest in yourself, you can learn to look inside and view yourself with kindness, compassion, and curiosity. My hope for you is that you find meaning, happiness, peace, and joy. I'd love to accompany and support you.


  • Financial arrangements may vary based on a number of factors, including your needs and preferences, what brings you in, employment and student status, etc.

  • First responders may qualify for an additional discount. Thank you for your service.

  • Please contact me to schedule a free phone consultation and we'll talk about your goals for therapy and what you'd like from the process!

  • As I, like many other therapists, do not accept insurance, here is a helpful article that may answer some questions on why:

For more information, see my About Me page and the FAQs.